This file describes the steps required to reorganize the input datasets. The goal of this reorganization is to improve the readability of the mapping scripts later.

1 Setup

Load libraries:

2 Read data

  1. Define data types

  2. Read literature references

  3. Read taxon data

  4. Read distribution data:

3 Compile reference data

The file literature_references includes all sources used to compile the DAISIE checklist.

  1. Inspect literature_references:

Each source can be identified by its sourceid and is composed of: - a citation (shortref) and/or - a full references (longref) and/or - an url (url)

Most input files use the field sourceid to link with the sources included in literature_references. In the Darwin Core mapping process, we want to replace the sourceid with the full reference to each source. To accomplish this, we need to compile the full reference from: - shortref and/or - longref and/or - url

  1. Inspect longref: