This file describes the steps required to map the data to Vernacular Names.

1 Setup

Load libraries:

2 Read data

  1. Define data types

  2. Read vernacular names data

  3. Read literature references

  4. Read core_taxa

3 Map vernacular names extension

Preview of the data:

3.1 taxonID

  1. Remove all taxonID’s that are not included in the taxon core

  2. Map taxonID

3.2 vernacularName

3.3 source

Join vernacular_names with source information in literature_references:

Rename source to dwc_source

3.4 language

  1. Show unique values for language
  1. Map language information to ISO 639-1 Language Codes

4 Post-processing

  1. Only keep the Darwin Core columns:

  2. Drop the dwc_ prefix:

  3. Preview data:

  1. Sort on taxonID:

  2. Save to CSV: