This document contains and describes all the steps in creating a unified checklist of alien species in Belgium and was developed for the Tracking Invasive Alien Species (TrIAS) project. By running this document in R, it will create all the necessary data files for the unified checklist.

For more general information, see:

Load libraries:

library(tidyverse)      # To do data science
library(tidylog)        # To provide feedback on dplyr functions
library(magrittr)       # To use %<>% pipes
library(here)           # To find files
library(janitor)        # To clean input data
library(openxlsx)       # To write Excel files
library(digest)         # To generate hashes
library(rgbif)          # To use GBIF services
library(furrr)          # To allow parallel downloads
library(progressr)      # To show progress bar for parallel downloads

# devtools::install_github("trias-project/trias")
library(trias)          # To use functions developed for TrIAS

Setup the number of simultaneous workers for parallel downloads.

Setup the progress bars for fetching data from GBIF.